Staff Directory

Ownership and Senior Management
Name Title
Ted Leonsis Majority Owner, Chairman & CEO, Monumental Sports and Entertainment
Sheila C. Johnson Vice Chairman, President and Managing Partner, Washington Mystics
Dick Patrick Partner, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer, Monumental Sports and Entertainment
Jim Van Stone Chief Revenue Officer
Joe Dupriest Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer
Rick Moreland Senior Vice President of Executive Suites

Business Operations
Name Title
Kim Frank Vice President, Marketing
Scott Hall Sr. Director of Communications
Sashia Jones Sr. Director of Community Relations
Mike Hutchinson Sr. Director of New Media and Analytics
Ketsia Colimon Director of Corporate and Mystics Communications
Rebecca Winn Director of Marketing
Patrick Rees Director of Basketball Communications
Tom Nagle Director of CRM and Analytics
Daren Jenkins Manager of Communications
Jeremy Hyman Managing Web Editor
Jacob Raim Monumental Network Developer
Kim Rose Monumental Network Editor
Brad Bobrow Media Coordinator
Hal Speisman Marketing & Analytics Manager
Derric Whitfield Dance Team Manager
Dana Campbell Marketing Manager
Quentin Addison Production Manager & Event Producer/Director
Zak Grim Manager, Game Entertainment
Aaron Drenikowski Mascot Coordinator
Kristen Miles Community Events Specialist, Community Relations
Brandon Putnam Marketing Specialist
Jim Minichiello Manager, CRM
Alex Kerr Manager, Strategic Marketing and Analytics

Monumental Productions
Name Title
Jumoke Davis TV/Web Producer
Torrey Smith Segment Producer
Chelsea Pflugh Segment Producer
Brian Ossip Editor
Chuck Kacsur Graphic Designer
Andy Mattice Graphic Designer
Michelle Holder Graphic Designer

Basketball Operations
Name Title
Mike Thibault Coach & General Manager
Eric Thibault Assistant Coach
Marianne Stanley Assistant Coach
Emily Fortunato Head Athletic Trainer
Navin Hettiarachchi Athletic Trainer
Maria Giovannetti Director of Basketball Operations
Awvee Storey Player Personnel Manager

Monumental Sports and Entertainment Sales
Name Title
Shanda Anderson Regional Sales Manager
George Mulherin Regional Sales Manager
Terrill Dorsey Regional Sales Manager
Eric Silakowski Regional Sales Manager

Monumental Sports and Entertainment Group Sales
Name Title
Darren Montgomery VP, Group and Arena Event Sales
Jill Buxbaum Director, Arena Events
Monique Lewis Director, Youth Basketball Sales
Jimm Bonk Senior Manager, Corporate Sales
Pete Sekulow Senior Manager, Corporate Sales
Jim Anderson Senior Manager, Corporate Sales
Steve Zarick Director, Group Sales
Alan Fontane Manager, Group Sales
Ashley Miller Manager, Group Sales
Brian Dean Manager, Group Sales
Anthony Caddell Manager, Group Sales
Erin Mitchell Group Sales Marketing Coordinator

Executive Suites
Name Title
Vincent Vanni Senior Director of Suites Sales
Richard Garrard Suites Sales Manager
Greg Turner Suites Sales Manager
Ron Potter Suites Sales Manager
Jen Greenberg Director of Client Services
Lorin Hranicka Manager of Client Services
Trent Gerhart Suites Sales Manager
Kerry Gregg Sr. Director of Operations
Phil Forman Assistant Director of Operations
Larry Dahut Box Office Manager

Guest Services
Name Title
Neil Hofman Director Guest Services
Danielle White Sr. Guest Services Specialist
Jenn Prine Guest Services Specialist
Nicole Sanchez Manager of Events and Programs
Kylie Fargo Coordinator Sales and Service

Ticket Operations
Name Title
Chris Sheap VP, Ticket Operations
Laura Bryer Director, Ticket Operations
Brian Floyd Sr. Manager, Ticket Operations
Josh Brickman Sr. Director, Research and Strategy
Adam Falkson Sr. Coordinator, Ticketing Analytics

Monumental Sports and Entertainment Corporate Partnerships
Name Title
Patrick Duffy Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
Roger Moskowitz Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
Lew Strudler Senior Director, Corporate Partnerships
Kathy Devine Director, Corporate Partnerships
Rob Hur Director, Corporate Partnerships
Bruce Zalbe Director, Corporate Partnerships
John Blume Director, Corporate Partnerships
Bob Rossi Director, Corporate Partnerships
Lee Stacey Director, Corporate Partnerships
Sarah Woodis Director, Corporate Partnerships
Greg Roberts Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships<
Tanya Nazarian Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships
Vlady Entin Account Executive, Corporate Partnerships<
Letitia Petrillo Senior Manager, Partnership Marketing
Lindsey Arnold Manager, Partnership Marketing
Mindy Pipes Manager, Partnership Marketing
Jenna Romanoff Manager, Partnership Marketing
Lauren McDermott Manager, Partnership Marketing
Brooks Walter Manager, Partnership Marketing
Andrea Martynec Manager, Partnership Marketing
Garrett Scanlon Manager, Partnership Marketing
Sharon Fish Director, Partnership Strategy and Development
Britton Spark Presentation Design Coordinator
Greg Burie Senior Financial Analyst, Corporate Partnerships